Preparing for Dragon’s Den!

In this sessions, it was not like the usual classes that were conducted in one room. We were taken to the drama hall where our seniors were going to guide us on Dragon’s Den. Basically, this session was undertaken to give us a clear idea on what it was all about.


With 4 different groups made in the class, each group assigned with one colour, every group had one senior drama student. I was in the green group. The first session was about lightening up ourselves before giving a presentation. I learnt different ways of keeping my self relaxed before a presentation. The second drama student taught us about being positive and confident enough to present ourselves. She taught us a lot on body language. We were asked to sleep down on the floor!

The next session with the other drama student was quite humorous. I learnt about improvising on my verbal skills. For e.g. we were asked to speak up loudly different alphabets and twist our toungues in different ways. The last session was about improving on the story telling skills. One of my class mates had given a start up story line which other students like me had to continue. Later, it was with with partners where we had to come up with a short story in front of everyone and clap when the story said was right. 


I guess this was one of my best classes so far. I got to learn a lot. Now, I hope the dragon’s den event goes really good where I can actually apply whatever I have learned in this class. 



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