Toothbrush Day



In this week’s lecture we were asked to get our tooth brushes which was ofcourse quite strange for me. But later
the professor asked us to think innovatively and bring up ideas as to what all can be done to a toothbrush. In other words,
a new toothbrush design was to be produced.
We were given various things like rubberbands, clips, etc.
Well, I did manage to come up with an idea of using a tooth brush for multiple uses. A toothbrush could be made with a
circular body just like a tube. In this, some amount of toothpaste (liquid) could be filled in. This eliminates the need to open
and pour the toothpaste again and again. There would be a special button on the tooth paste which would release only a certain
amount of toothpaste.

But I guess the idea of having such a toothbrush would be actually more expensive. The limitations (expense) of the new design
far outweighs the benefits of the same.
People generally use a toothbrush for a month or so and then its disposed off. Due to this, it would not be feasible to buy an expensive toothbrush like this.
Till then different innovative ways can be tried and then can be boiled down to one particular design of the toothbrush. Who doesn’t like the conventional way of using a tooth brush? Well, Even that was an idea first!Image


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