Biometrics Shoe Redefines Security

In case you are wondering if its possible or not, yes it is possible to combine biometrics technology and a pair shoes. After all everyone is open to innovative ideas. Biometrics refers to the data that is captured related to human physical characteristics and traits. After a lot of brainstorming of ideas is when we came up with this wonderful idea. The main function of the shoe is to record human data and make life easier while at work. Targeted to the commercial sector, this product can mainly be used in areas where high security is needed such as military bases, nuclear powerplants, large scale companies etc.


Biometrics Shoe Sample

In places mentioned above, there are certain restricted domains and areas where only authorized individuals are allowed to enter. This shoe eases life when at work. These shoes can only be worn by one assigned individual. No one else is authorized for the same. These shoes help to track and monitor employee data. For e.g. gain access to certain area, to see if the individual actually visited a particular restricted area. Loaded with several features, these shoes can also make work easy by printing out documents and queuing it to be collected as soon as the shoe is inside a particular radius. This enhances security in a different way. These shoes are quite comfortable to wear and can also be used to track the distance travelled. The healthy way! 🙂

The three problems faced by our tribe:

  1. Voice recognition failure to actually identify the individual at times
  2. Burnt/a finger with a slight cut can tamper the biometric system not allowing access
  3. Complex monitoring system such as CCTV.

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