When you choose a whole new way

Hello everyone, I know its been long I have not posted something. With the beginning of a new semester, its all about the final group project. My group consisted of 3 colleagues. We had to brainstorm about a new product based on the selected tribe. The tribe is our target market towards which all our financial, marketing and skillful efforts are aimed. It was to see if the product that was thought could actually serve the mankind in some way or the other. The more you try to understand and know your tribe, the better the chances are that the new product will succeed. It’s all about understanding if the tribe actually sees something productive in the product. If it does not, well that is not a problem – create a need for the same.


What Innovation Really Means


With the help of various surveys and observational tactics, the aim of the assignment was to create a persona. The larger umbrella topic of NEEDS was explained to us by Corrine. They are:

– Cognitive Needs: These are the most basic form of needs that needs to be understood in the best possible manner. Its the need to understand what the tribe really needs/wants. Every basic thing that could be identified and comprehended about the persona. A product needs to mentally satisfy the customer.

– Emotional Needs: Anything that the customer feels when using the product. Brand conscious people tend to not settle for something less other than the brands that they always like. It is this emotional need that compels them to buy a particular product. Eg. Love, care , happiness etc

– Physical Needs: This is one need that is essential for an individual to live a better and a healthy life. Eg. health care benefits, reliable.



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